Monday, May 5, 2014


Vintage Striped Turtleneck (similar here and here and sleeveless here) / High Rise Skinny Jeans (similar in a lighter wash here) / Old white blazer (similar here) / Old Aviator Sunglasses (similar here and here) /  Oxford Loafers

Over the weekend I was able to spend a little time in the city running errands and got to stop and take in the beauty.  The lively atmosphere is what I live for and our downtown area is just crawling with it. My usual look for running errands is what you'll see above - simple, understated, and for the most part, comfortable. I try to keep it chic, yet functionable because, let's be honest ladies, we're not going to run errands in 6 inch stiletto pumps and second-skin-tight leather pants - if you do, props to you woman, you are a goddess. For the rest of us, I suggest a pair of broken in shoes.



  1. I love the white blazer here, it goes so well with the jeans to give it the chic and casual look!

  2. i need a white blazer in my life!!

    xx chelsie // hellogirlblog.com