Saturday, May 10, 2014

Transition Denim

As Spring finally decides to heat up, our wardrobes are thrown for a loop trying to suit the unstable weather patterns. Just take yesterday for example - we reached over 60 degrees to find out in 2 days we'll be seeing snow again. So much for that pair of shorts I spent 2 hour trying to find and break out of my closet. With unexpected temperatures fluctuating, I find overalls EXTREMELY generous in not only their heat but also their versatility in the wardrobe department - those things go with anything and everything - they can take a sweatshirt and jeans to the next level, who knew that was even possible?

As of now, however; we're stuck in the awkward phase of Spring; sometimes too hot for pants but not quite hot enough for shorts. We're in the transition stage of the season which means we should probably stock up on at least one pair of denim in the most important 3 lengths - Long, cropped, and short. Below I've compiled a list of some of my favorite denim trends for the upcoming season, so go ahead and shop to your hearts content.



  1. oooh asos has the best overalls! love these choices!

    francesca from Frank Vinyl

  2. nice post! i've been wondering about if boyfriend jeans would look good on me haha.