Saturday, May 3, 2014

And My Celebrity Style Crush Is...

Miranda Kerr’s style is known for making the impossible look possible – for instance making leather pants look comfortable, or a calf hair tote looking like just another casual handbag. She even made a jean jacket look preppy. You see what I’m getting at here? She has the profound ability to take everyday simple “lazy” pieces and make them into extraordinarily simple yet elegant ensembles – hence, I am obviously in love with her style.

The problem I always run into with loving her wardrobe though, is the cost – just one piece of her garb ends up costing more than I would spend on an entire outfit. I also know of many others running into this same exact problem, which brought me here...

STYLE STEAL – Miranda Kerr Edition

What She Wore: High End
Jacket – Isabel Marant A/W 2010 Denim Jacket

Boots – Isabel Marant Forbes Suede Ankle Boots

Bag – Alexander Wang Ponyhair Prisma Tote

Sunglasses – Mui Mui Catwalk Sunglasses
Hat – Rag & Bone

What She Wore: High Street 
Scuba Skirt - $29

What She Wore: High End
Cardigan – Etoile Isabel Marant
Top – Black √Čtoile Isabel Marant Flavie Embroidered Top
Pumps – Manolo Blahnik BB Point-Toe Pumps

What She Wore: High Street

What She Wore: High End
Grey V-Neck - Equipment Cashmere Sweater 
Pants - Helmut Lang Black Leather Pants
Boots - Saint Laurent Black Ankle Boots
Bag - Hermes

What She Wore: High Street

As you can obviously see, this woman is a phenomenon for more reasons than one. She just nails the simple elegance look right on the head – a look I am utterly and deeply in love with. Her style has stood the test of time, something I truly admire in my own fashion inspiration. Thus, I had no other choice of talent that would exemplify my love for fashion anywhere near how much she does.

So thank you Miranda Kerr, for being a fashion icon and sharing it with the rest of us. You never fail to impress.


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