Friday, May 2, 2014

Currently Craving #1: Sensible Spring Shoes

Blush Flats  /  Powder Blue Flats  /  White Pointed Toe Flats  /  Leopard Sneakers  /  Black Slingbacks  /  White Loafers  /  Black Loafers

Heels are a beautiful thing. But being a student and all, it's often impractical to wear heels - let alone on a regular basis. When I'm older, I cannot wait to wear heels daily! As for now, however; I have to look for other practical means of getting around, while remaining in style of course! I adore beautifully crafted flats and sandals, so odds are I'll never be caught dead in a pair of flip-flops - my sister has even tried and I won't budge - no flip-flops for me! Thus, here are a few of some of my favorite Spring flats - easy on the eyes, and the wallet! Bear with me as I know the color scheme variations are pretty boring - I still can't find it in my heart to buy a pair of shoes that I will get a minimal amount wear out of!

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