Friday, May 2, 2014

Why the cold, sunshine?

This past month has been a rigid unwelcoming one, making the cravings for summer all the more unrelenting. With the past few weeks of extreme cold and cabin fever coming in full gear, I crave the heat of summer more than ever. But not only the heat, the vibrant color, the glowing tans, and the seemingly endless laughter that comes alone with heat, a good time, and great friends.
I got lost in thought and found myself brooding over past and upcoming summers, which got me to thinking, what would I wear? Say summer starts suddenly, temperatures starts to rise, or I just take a spontaneous early Spring Break? I took the opportunity to get lost in my summer dream, which brings me to my post today, 2014 Summer/Spring Break style. It’s never too early to plan, right?

1 - Seafolly Typhoon Dress - $79.63
2 - Calypso Romper - $60
3 - Wrap Me Up Jumpsuit - $56
4 - Tribal Inspired Joggers - $15.80
7 - Heartland Bag - $32.99
8 - Confetti Bag - $42
9 - Wool Floppy Hat - $45
10 - Triangle Bikini Top - $20.50 

As you can see, right now I’m craving pastel hues, and a touch of vibrancy. I’ve never been a big go-getter for vibrant colors, but there some days I feel impulsive enough to give it a go. And why not let 2014 be the year of trying out the unimaginable? I know in many cases doing just that brought me into many blissful situations.
In the summer I am also always fixated on delicate, flowing, and loose clothing articles – whether it be a dress, shirt, or some pants - I just love the sensation of feeling “free”. Which is oddly enough what the ever-trending bohemian style seems to capture, at least if you ask me. Something I find crazier about it is just how flawlessly it seems to intermingle with what summer is – it’s as if they were made for one another.
I can’t wait to see what this summer has in store – new people, new adventures, and of course – new fashion. I just hope summer arrives soon, and if worst comes to worst, an early vacation never hurt anybody anyway!


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