Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Girl's Weekend

Fedora (similar here)  /  Sunglasses (similar here)  /  Blouse  /  Maxi Dress (similar here and loving this one and the pleats on this one)

Over a week ago, I took a VERY well needed vacation promptly insisted by my mother. Obviously, I was not about to turn down a trip to temperatures above freezing! For the most part, we kept work and technology to a minimum on this trip, and instead spent most of our time embracing the outdoors (which was totally fine by me, have you seen how green it is down there?). However; on our last day my sister insisted I photograph at least one outfit, which brings me here! I have actually worn this outfit previously in this past fall, and who says you can't wear it again in April? Don't ever be afraid to recycle an outfit or take a well-needed break, I know I'm not!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Travel Wear

Just recently (as in around a couple hours ago!) I received word that my mother, sister, and I were going to be taking a girls weekend trip! You couldn't even imagine how happy I was to know I'd be getting out of this swirling bi-polar vortex! One of first thoughts I had being a fashion blogger was that I needed to get my wardrobe in check, especially for the flight out which always seems to be the hardest look for me to master (I usually wake up late and roll out of bed in whatever I'm wearing, don't shake your head at me I assume you've tried it too!). But this time I've promised myself it will be different as I think I may have the look down to a science: LAYERS! The more, the better. As you'll see above, I found many looks with just that concept in mind; the layers usually consist of a scarf, some kind of cardigan, a jacket, comfortable shoes (I don't think I could run around the airport in heels knowing how I have a habit of being late!), and small, simple accessories to bring the whole look together. Sounds do-able, right?

To follow the trip through my eyes, follow my Instagram @ExtraordinaryFashionBlogger for up to the minute details!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Vintage Striped Turtleneck (similar here and sleeveless here) / High Rise Skinny Jeans (similar in a lighter wash here) / Old white blazer (similar here) / Old Aviator Sunglasses (similar here and here) /  Oxford Loafers

Over the weekend I was able to spend a little time in the city running errands and got to stop and take in the beauty.  The lively atmosphere is what I live for and our downtown area is just crawling with it. My usual look for running errands is what you'll see above - simple, understated, and for the most part, comfortable. I try to keep it chic, yet functionable because, let's be honest ladies, we're not going to run errands in 6 inch stiletto pumps and second-skin-tight leather pants - if you do, props to you woman, you are a goddess. For the rest of us, I suggest a pair of broken in shoes.