Sunday, May 4, 2014

Currently Craving #2: Chic Sunnies

On Spring Break one of the most essential things you can pack (other than sunscreen and aloe!) is a pair of decent sunglasses. They not only keep you from burning in the eye region, but the right ones can instantly transform your look. I chose these for a general assortment of sunglasses I believe every women should own - and with these prices, they can!

Cat Eye Sunnies: for the sassy yet classy type - the bigger the frame the bolder the look!

Wayfarers: for the "too cool for school" gal.

Aviators - because who doesn't wish they were a pilot with Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor?

Round Frames: because if Ozzy can rock them, so can you.

So which one do YOU prefer?


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