Friday, August 15, 2014

Back to Cool

I know that term is cliche, but c'mon, it's catchy.

 "I Am Very Busy" Agenda Book / kate spade new york "Eat Cake for Breakfast" Mug / Multicolor Pencil Pouch / FRENDS headphones / Blue Polka Dot Backpack / Blue Stripes With Peonies Notepad / Backup iPhone Charger / Express Argyle Socks / Hair Ties / kate spade new york "Cold Hands, Warm Heart" thermal

Back to school has always been a bittersweet time for me - on one end of the spectrum I'm getting an entirely new wardrobe and fun pieces to brighten up the year, while on the other end - I'm going back to school. Pretty much speaks for itself there. Although, this year not only do I plan on bringing my A-Game in the wardrobe department, I also want to get everything I need before I realize I need it, especially for those out of the blue Fall mornings where I walk out the door and instantly find that I really didn't need to spend that extra minute on blush (hello natural freezing-my-nose-off flush!). On those days, you usually can't force me out of the house unless I've got some hot cocoa in hand, and if it's in an adorable mug or thermal you get an A+ in my book. The rest of these are usually things I just find I need during the school day: hair ties for when you look like your swatting a fly in your hair because it's getting that annoying (and gladly I say my hair is finally getting long enough to fit in a pony tail! Just in time, right?), a note pad to doodle in, argyle socks because you've always wanted to have a pair of the preppy, private school-girl staples, and a phone charger because less than an hour into the day your already at 30% battery life from texting and checking your feeds non-stop between classes. Or is that just me?


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  1. i love that polka dot backpack! its so cute!

    love from San Francisco,