Friday, July 18, 2014

Links I Love

1) The recipe my Instagram followers have been patiently awaiting - free of just about everything, except for deliciousness, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (ahouseinthehills.com)

2) Combine top-notch brands with extreme sale prices and you have Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale - you can bet I'm going to be online shopping this one until my fingers go numb (nordstrom.com)

3) Ever wanted your very own personal stylist to make custom looks for you on whatever budget you choose? Me too. (keatonrow.com)

4) My own personalized cereal? Talk about the breakfast of champions (mixmyown.com)

5) Here's a laugh for your Friday - The first thing to EVER make us look forward to getting our period (or, at the very least, make it bearable) (helloflo.com)

6) The Natural way to highlight our gorgeous locks this summer (something this hair-dying virgin may have to try out herself) (laurenconrad.com)

7) You know Chrissy Teigan, right? The hilarious funnier-than-you-could-have-imagined (check out her IG or Twitter and you'll understand) perfect-figured model on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover, and the girl married to John Legend (don't know him? Think "aaaaallll of meeee". How about now, remember him?). Yeah, her? Well, guess what? I found the stellar woman's FOOD AND RECIPE BLOG, you can thank me later. (sodelushious.com)

P.S. It's later.


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